Autologous immune cells based therapies is now an approved treatment for cancer as per the newly enacted PMDA regulation in Japan

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Cancer cells are formed in our body every day. Shocking? Yes it is true. It is because when normal cells divide, AIET Simple Story due to various factors abnormal cells are also formed along with the normal cells. These cells are sensed by the immune surveillance system of the body and are immediately destroyed by the immune cells.

The immune system acts through various mechanisms, majority of them sense the abnormal or cancer cells by their "antigen" which is a specific marker or code of identity, expressed on the surface of these cells.

The immune system has several tiers of mechanisms. The Dendritic Cells (DC) facilitate the antigen presentation which evokes the next step of cells called Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (CTL) which destroys the cancer cells. Independent of this mechanism, the Natural Killer Cells (NK) destroys the cancer cells by injecting a cytolytic material called Perforin to kill the cancer cells.

Immune System to Treat CancerThe causative factors for cancer could be toxic substances, radiation, genetic abnormalities etc. When the factors causing the cancer cells are overwhelmingly powerful against the cancer destroying immune system, then cancer becomes a full blown disease.

When cancer is in a small region that can be removed, a surgery is done. If a larger area is involved or the cancer cells are sensitive to chemotherapeutic agent, then chemotherapy is given. For tissues which are sensitive to radiation, radiotherapy is given as a treatment. Depending on the spread of cancer and type of organ involved etc, the above treatments are used in combination.

All the above treatments have their own adverse reactions/side effects. The treatment which can be combined with all the above and the least toxic one is the one that uses your own immune cells by taking them outside the body, activating them, multiplying them in numbers and injected back into the body toHistory of Aiet destroy the cancer cells and this mode of treatment is referred to as Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy (AiET) or Adoptive Immunotherapy. The AiET uses mainly the NK cells and CTLs / Activated T Lymphocytes (ATLs).

More than 23 types of cancers have been treated till date without any adverse reactions and there are hundreds of clinical studies which have proven the efficacy of this method across the world.

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